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The right prescription for flooring solutions in pharmaceutical and food environments!

  • Wide range of screeds, coatings, sealers and self-flowing toppings
  • Seamless surfaces with coving option
  • Light reflectivity up to 300%
  • Improve sanitation with anti-bacterial finish
  • Durable finishes that are oil and chemical resistant
  • Solvent & taint free products no solvent odour on installation
  • Dust free preparation systems to remove contaminants
  • Use colours and lining to demark floor space
  • Anti-slip surfaces to create hazard-free wet areas, ideal for wash downs
  • Easy to clean products to maintain immaculately clean environments

Decorative, seamless floor finishes, that offer excellent durability and chemical, impact and abrasion resistances, are the optimum way to maintain high standards of cleanliness. There is a bewildering range of flooring products available from a vast list of manufacturers. With our experience and practical knowledge of installation, we can advise you a specification tailored to your requirements. As an independent specialist contractor, we provide you with a single source from survey to completion - backed up by a full no quibble guarantee.