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Flooring solutions - all wrapped up!

  • Preparation systems that are fast and dust free to remove contaminants
  • Fast installation, minimum downtime & short lead time
  • Footprints of exiting machinery repaired including joints & eroded concrete
  • Spillages easily removed and cleaned
  • Safety surfaces create a hazard free areas
  • Highlight floor usage e.g cut & crease, folding areas, by use of colours
  • Safety markings/linings/wording installed
  • Solvent and taint free systems
  • Impact, stain and chemical resistant flooring solutions

Printing & Packaging industries demands durability, combined with seamless surfaces that are easy to maintain cleanliness. To avoid ingress of dust into any part of the production or packaging process is essential. Old, worn, contaminated floors create concrete dust, which can invade your products. Our seamless resin flooring systems are proven in these stringent, demanding environments.