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Merchandise Mania

Merchandise Mania, based in Borehamwood are a very busy supplier of Corporate promotional items – in their fast moving world there is no room for dust spoiling the product. The flaking Warehouse floor was causing a problem, as the fork lifts whizzed around picking product, the concrete was wearing, concrete dust was rising and settling on stock – who wants a dusty umbrella or pen as a gift?

After looking on the Internet, they contacted us for a fast response – and they got it! Within two weeks, their flooring problem had been solved and with no lost orders due to installation.

The same day they enquired we emailed guide prices, and also availability. This was important as they had a very important customer visiting – very soon! (We know who it was but we would be killed if we told you!) The estimate was of interest, so we quickly arranged for a free site survey to confirm the specification and price.

Their warehouse floors required a durable, fast cure system, to fit within the timescale of a weekend completion.  Our knowledge and experience of epoxy resin flooring provided them with the ideal solution.  Enclosed vacuum blast tracking and diamond grinding proved very effective preparing the dusty floor. We carefully worked around the existing racking, which we prepared by hand dust-controlled equipment, ensuring that a vital key was achieved. All preparation works completed kept dust created to a minimum, as stock was still in place.

A heavy penetrating, two component, viscous primer stabilised the substrate.

Two further coats of a twin pack epoxy resin coating High Build System provided Merchandise Mania with their desired industrial warehouse floor.

Epoxy resins are an attractive, cost effective and durable flooring option.

The exceptional quality two-part epoxy resin lining system was also installed to the individual specific layout.  Precise, accurate locations with numbers and letters were required on the floor, to allow stock movement by Pallet Trucks and Fork Lift Trucks.

Merchandise Mania were delighted with the floor, they commented “Gallagher’s staff were excellent as was the standard of workmanship. The floor was ready for use on the Monday morning, as promised.”

Initially they wanted just half of the floor done but were so delighted with the first installation that they rang Monday morning and ordered the other side –  for the very next week. You could say Merchandise Mania are now mad about out their floors!