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S & B Automotive Academy - No. 1 Automotive Training

S & B Automotive Academy, the No 1 automotive training provider for the automotive industry, is based in Bristol.

Their modern facility was an assortment of concrete floors that needed a facelift. Various areas required different solutions, so the detailed report and survey we provided was most helpful identifying the specifications required.

The Heavy Goods Vehicle Workshop was a rough uneven floor, so a fast track industrial screed was the answer for this area. The Heavy Duty Rapid Cure Industrial Screed was pumped onto the existing surface, laid at a nominal depth of 10mm. It’s a great product that can be trafficked in 5 hours – no 28 days waiting around for this product to dry. Not just exceptionally fast drying, it has excellent mechanical load properties, perfectly suited for busy HGV use.

A ‘finish’ is optional on this product, however in a high calibre training facility a professional coloured epoxy finish was a necessity. Our Heavy Duty Primer was applied prior to the coating to increase durability. Then a two part coloured High Build Epoxy Resin Coating System was installed – it looks great in their Corporate colour scheme and achieved the tough, hardwearing surface required by heavy goods vehicles, trolley jacks and portable ramps.

Looking at other areas of the site, the concrete was in better condition, so we advised that a screed was not necessary. After thorough preparation and localised repairs, we installed the Primer and High Build Epoxy Resin Coloured Coating System to the second Workshop  & Parts Store.

To finish off that professional image precise Safety Lining was installed, Walkways were demarked in a contrasting colour and safety signage installed – all in our exceptional quality two part Epoxy Resin Lining System.

We have installed these systems in thousands of Workshops across the country.

S & B Automotive Academy were delighted with the results and the ongoing benefits – its now a facility that reflects their own great service.

With a full Warranty and Installation Guarantee they can forget the old floor problems and concentrate on staying No1!